Laundry equipment in Russia

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Laundry equipment in Russia - find contacts with our help.
Dry cleaner made in Russia - Reinmaster P18

Laundry equipment in Russia - this is what this site is about. Our site contains more than 150 articles about the laundry equipment manufacturers and trading companies that sell laundry equipment in Russia and world wide. This site - the main reference in Russia in terms of laundry equipment for washing machines, ironers, dryers, gladblnyh tables.

Authors of the site are ready to introduce foreign manufacturers of laundry equipment to retail businesses in Russia. Contact us at e-mail

The Russian market of laundry equipment in the commercial sector exceeds 130 million euros a year. Market state and municipal orders valued at the same amount. These companies are well represented in Russia, manufacturers from: Italy, U.S., China and other contries of manufacturers. Russian market of home washing machines is more than 500 million euros a year.

Large institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, working-clothing or uniform, will often employ the services of an industrial laundry. Hospitals, prisons and hotels, for instance, will usually have their own laundry departments. The organized collection, laundering and timely delivery of textiled service ware is essential to the operation of the institution. Employees in uniforms reassure customers that they represent the company. From day-to-day counter work to service representatives making residential calls, customers trust uniformed employees and rely on them for dependable and positive reinforcement.

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